Yorkshire Water AMP 5/6 Water Mains Rehabilitation As-Laid Surveys

KKUS was tasked with supplying all as-laid surveys and drawings for small diameter rehabilitated water mains across Yorkshire Water's network. This also included some cross country strategic mains in remote areas. KKUS introduced GPS As-Laid surveys to give the client faster turnaround times with greater accuracies, against previous road wheel measures and hand drawn surveys. This resulted in achieving and exceeding expected turnaround times, and giving Asset Data Team greater confidence in the detail and location of all assets recorded.

Yorkshire Water Lead Supply Identification Surveys

As part of Yorkshire Water's Lead supply replacement programme, KKUS assisted in Pre-Construction surveys, to identify supply pipes requiring renewal. This work involved tracing services, locating buried stop taps, clearing chambers to identify the pipe material and recording all risk assessment information using tablets, which transferred data directly back to the office. A database of information was built up for each property to access the ground conditions, traffic management requirements and potential third party hazards to the construction teams. All information was accompanied with photographs for each individual service pipe length.

Severn Trent Water – AMP5/6 Water Mains Rehabilitation As-Laid Surveys

KKUS has worked successfully alongside 2 of the 3 contractors undertaking water mains rehabilitation work for Severn Trent Water over the last 2 AMP periods. Following initial GPS As-Laid survey submissions, KKUS was invited to assist Severn Trent Water with a new template format for all future As-Laid drawing submissions. KKUS carried out a pilot As-Laid survey for a project recently renewed, and presented to a workshop along with all other supply chain contractors. This standard has now been rolled out across the region and has increased recording accuracy, providing better information with shortened turnaround times from street completion to as-laid drawing submission to the Asset Data Teams. This has also eradicated the need for accompanying paperwork, which is now incorporated into the electronic drawing frame.

Northumbrian Water – AMP5 Mains Cleaning As-Laid Surveys

As part of their large diameter mains cleaning programme, KKUS was tasked with providing As-Laid surveys for Water Jetting and Ice Pigging cleaning projects across central Newcastle and Gateshead. This work involved recording all insertion points for valve controlled hydrants, recording x,y and z co-ordinates in conjunction with the camera reports undertaken by the site contractor. All cleaned lengths were then calculated and fitting details incorporated into the drawing frame along with any enabling works, existing bends, fittings and open-cut works.

Welsh Water AMP5 - Water Mains Rehabilitation As-Laid Surveys

KKUS was contracted to carry out As-Laid surveys across North Wales for all new rehabilitated mains as part of the AMP5 framework. As-Laid drawing submissions were adapted slightly to incorporate detailed set-ups for all fittings installed alongside a schedule of materials for each detail, as specified by the client. All timeframes were met and exceeded, whilst continuing to provide a high accuracy As-Laid Drawing.