KKUS Ltd uses the Trimble GEO 7X equipment for all our As-Laid Surveys.

The benefits of this equipment are numerous for providing all our clients with high accuracy, timely as-laid surveys from street completion to as-laid drawing format submissions.
The equipment is accurate to 1cm in the field, providing x,y and z co-ordinates as required. The equipment can be used as a handheld device, or in conjunction with a 2m Carbon Fibre Pole to give highest degrees of accuracy and ground level options.
The device is rugged, being able to cope in all weather/site conditions and allowing upto 20 hours survey time per day.

Trimble GEO 7X

The device has a built in laser, allowing the user to capture assets up to 100m away from the operator's position. This feature is benificial for any assets positioned under tree canopies or bridge structures where GPS signals can not be obtained due to no clear sky coverage.

The laser feature also allows for data to be recorded in restricted areas, when excavations are guarded by fencing and are not accessible at the time of survey.

In conjunction with the K-Mobile Software, on completion of the site survey, data is synced on site via a Cloud, transferring all recorded data, notes and photographs instantly back to the office.
The data can then be adapted to each client's specification, moments after the work has been recorded. This provides our clients with high accuracy data with fast turnaround times from construction installation to as-laid drawing submission.